GMHA Medical Records Staff Receive Training on Guam ChildLink-EHDI

Department of Public Health & Social Services Guam Early Hearing Detection & Intervention
On September 26, Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (GMHA) Medical Records staff received training to input hearing screening information of infants born at GMHA into Guam ChildLink-EHDI. Pictured from left to right: Geraldine Dollaga, GMHA Medical Records staff; Sera Rios, GMHA Medical Records Administrator; Nova Naguit, GMHA Medical Records staff; and Joseph Mendiola, Guam EHDI Evaluator/Performance Monitor.

Guam State Rehabilitation Council General Membership Meeting

Community Services: Training Guam Systems for Assistive Technology
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio provides input on the SRC’s Policies / Standard Operating Procedures during the SRC General Membership Meeting on September 20, 2018.
On September 20, 2019, the Guam State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) held their General Membership Meeting at the Guam System for Assistive Technology (GSAT) Conference Room. Amendments to the Policies/ Standard Operating Procedures, Resolutions and SRC Contractual Needs were discussed. In attendance were (Sitting L-R) Benito Servino, DISID Director; Leah Abelon, SRC Outreach Committee Chairperson; Lourdes Ann Mesa, SRC Chairperson; Rodney Calimlim, Member; second row L-R: Gina Arca, Member; Marie Libria, Disability Advocacy Group Representative; Barbara Johnson, Member; Marie Leon Guerrero, Member; Carol Darlow, Parent Training and Information Center Representative; Conchita San Nicolas Taitano, Member; Therese Matanane, Member; third row L-R: Eddy Reyes, SRC Treasurer; Peter Barcinas, SRC Secretary; Sam Ilesugam, Services Committee Vice Chair; and Tim Murphy, State Independent Living Council Representative. The Guam State Rehabilitation Council provides clients of the Division of Vocation Rehabilitation with a mechanism to influence the direction of rehabilitation programs in Guam at the systemic policy level. During the meeting, Conchita Taitano and Gina Arca were sworn in by Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio as new members of the SRC.

Guam EHDI Meets with GMHA Medical Records

Early Childhood Guam Early Intervention System
On September 19, 2018, Guam Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Staff met with Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Medical Records Staff to discuss weekly data entry of infants referring on the initial hearing screening into Guam ChildLink EHDI database. Pictured Left to Right: Sera Rios, Medical Records Administrator, GMHA; Nova Naguit, Medical Records Staff, GMHA; and Joseph Mendiola, QI & Evaluation Coordinator/Evaluator & Performance
Monitor/Surveillance Supervisor, Guam EHDI. Not shown: Marie Wusstig, Project Coordinator, Guam EHDI.

GEIS Facilitates Guam Early Intervention Parent Training

Early Childhood Guam Early Intervention System
On August 23, 2018 Guam CEDDERS in collaboration with Guam Early Intervention System (GEIS) facilitated the “Learning Together: Parent Training”. There were 6 parents that attended the 2-hour training entitles: Tips for Promoting Your Child’s Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs. Early Childhood Consultant, Elaine Eclavea facilitated the training. Mrs. Eclavea began the first part of the training by presenting the importance of building relationships and quality time with your child. Participants discussed in depth the five tips for encouraging your child and the how important it is for parents to practice these with your child: Tip 1: Get your child’s attention; 2) Use behavior specific language; 3) Keep it simple – avoid combining encouragement with criticism; 4) Encourage with enthusiasm; 5) Double the impact with physical warmth; and 6) Use positive comments and encouragement with your child in front of others. Participants shared stories on how to supports these 5 strategies. In addition, Ms. Eclavea discussed how children learn through PLAY and that parents need to follow the child’s lead – and wait, watch, and then join in their child’s play. The next Learning Together Parent Training is scheduled for September 6, 2018 for information please call GEIS at 300-5776.
L-R: Lorilyn Staana, Sandra Leyner, Ana Lyn Flores, Susan Dugan, & Elaine Eclavea.

Visual Impairment Supports Webinar Held August 28

Community Services: Technical Assistance Guam Department of Education Vision Impairment
Guam CEDDERS facilitated a webinar on August 28 conducted by Donna McNear, M.Ed., Vision Impairment (VI) Consultant, for Guam Department of Education, Division of Special Education VI Program personnel. Attending the two-hour webinar were (L-R): Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS; Donna McNear (on screen); Darlene Taimanglo, Part B & C VI Technical Assistance (TA) Provider; Diane Artero, Part B VI TA Provider; and Tricia Taitague, VI Program Coordinator.