Emergency Preparedness Package

Pripåra Hao - Emergency Preparedness Guidebook for Individuals with Disabilities (PDF)
Offers recommendations and tips for your preparedness plans based on type of disability, as well as type of hazard. The guidebook also contains handy forms for your personal support network, medical information, and more for you to keep in your files.

Pripåra Hao Emergency Preparedness Checklist (PDF)
Are your ready for the next emergency? Use this handy checklist to keep you prepared during a typhoon, earthquake, or any other major emergency.

Pripåra Hao Emergency Preparedness Poster (PDF)


Emergency Preparedness Forms
  • Emergency Support Team (PDF)
  • Emergency Medical Information Download (PDF)
  • Medical List (PDF)

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2010-ep-pripara-hao-poster.pdf  Download  
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