Guam Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Facilitate a Workgroup Evaluation Meeting

On March 29, 2018, Guam EHDI QI/Evaluation Coordinator/Evaluation and Performance Monitor/Surveillance Supervisor, Joseph Mendiola, facilitated a Workgroup Evaluation Meeting at the Pacific Star Hotel with Guam Childlink-EHDI stakeholders and data system users. Mr. Mendiola gave an overview on the progress Guam EHDI has made over the past year. Stakeholders were also asked to provide input to improve the quality of the data collected and ways to improve the EHDI services on all levels of the hearing continuum. Pictured (Left to Right – Renee Koffend, Audiologist; Marie Wusstig, GEHDI Coordinator; Pamela Sablan, GRMC; Brittney Babauta, GRMC; Cid Mostaies, DPHSS; Barbara Leon Guerrero, GEIS; Margarita Gay, Administrator, DPHSS Bureau of Family Health & Nursing Services; Joseph Mendiola GEHDI QI Evaluation Coordinator/Evaluation and Performance Monitor/Surveillance Supervisor; Not shown: Terrie Fejarang, Guam EHDI Project Director; Mary Kidd, Guam EHDI Consultant; Ruth Leon Guerrero, Guam EHDI Office Technician; and Jenika Ballesta, Guam EHDI Hearing Screening Facilitator.
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