Taking The Time To Prepare For A “New Normal”

Social distancing. Sanitizing. Washing hands. Wearing a mask. Daily temperature checks. ZOOM meetings. What does all this mean? Is this normal? Or is this the “new normal?” While we live in a world that has the most scientific and technological advancements, a virus that is invisible to the naked eye has destabilized our economies, healthcare, and educational systems. This pandemic lets us know that we must continue progress in science and research to face future challenges. Without a vaccine, humankind must continue to live not in fear but live differently. By living differently and safely, we need to be informed. Information overload? Maybe. But better to know than to not know and not know what to do.
On June 26th, the team at Guam CEDDERS embarked on the first of what will be an on-going information dissemination process of Guam CEDDERS’ Pandemic Plan & Procedures. This plan aligns with the University of Guam – Pandemic Plan & Procedures for Operating Under PCOR3 / UPPOP3. The Guam CEDDERS’ leadership team wanted to ensure that all employees under Guam CEDDERS are aware of the procedures and actions to take during a pandemic situation as well as provide feedback on best practices for the organization.
COVID-19 activities that included a Scavenger Hunt, COVID BINGO, and Guam CEDDERS Pandemic Plan & Procedures Quiz with prizes brought cheers and healthy, competitive spirits amongst colleagues. With much excitement and laughter, the team at Guam CEDDERS showed that preparing for the “new normal” does not have to be mundane. With camaraderie and teamwork, we as a family, an organization, an island community, people of the world can get through this pandemic together. As in all things in life, “life is what you make of it,” even when living in “new normal” times.

On June 26, the Guam CEDDERS team engaged in a full-day professional development to review operational procedures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, share professional growth experiences with the LinkedIn Learning platform, and continue to build collective knowledge about disabilities through opportunities to view national videos in preparation for the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act in July 2020. The CEDDERS team includes (pictured top row, L-R): Josephine Cruz, June De Leon, Michelle Aguigui, Vera Blaz, JJ Mendiola; (second row, L-R) Brittany Masang, Zachary Hecita, Coleen Dela Cruz, Ruth Leon Guerrero, Tanya Simer; (third row, L-R) Marie Wusstig, Jenika Ballesta, Nancy Cueto, Keith Villaluna, Ryan Cueto; (bottom row, L-R) Jef Limtiaco, Leah Abelon, Dolores Cruz.