On April 10, the Guam Department of Education, in collaboration with Guam CEDDERS, supported the State Systemic Improvement Project (SSIP) target schools in a K-3 math professional learning session held at Westin Resort Guam. The session was facilitated by Dr. Alicia Aguon, Math Professor and School of Education Dean at the University of Guam.

The SSIP math professional learning session was part of the continued support and technical assistance in the use of math manipulatives to deliver evidence-based practices in math instruction. Initially, math manipulatives were delivered to K-3 and resource room teachers at the start of SY 2022-2023 and additional math materials such as dice, cards, and two-color counters were delivered to the schools after the session was completed.

The four SSIP target schools that participated were Chief Brodie Memorial Elementary School, J. M. Guerrero Elementary School, Capt. H. B. Price Elementary School, and M. U. Lujan Elementary School. All Kindergarten through third grade teachers and special education teachers, SSIP instructional coaches, and SPED coaches participated in the session.

The session gave teachers continued support in the use of strategies for students struggling with mathematical concepts and operations in the elementary grade levels. Through their participation in this session, teachers were able to apply knowledge and skills in teaching number foundations, place value, and the concepts of addition and subtraction in an effort to improve students’ overall proficiency in mathematics.