On February 11, CEDDERS staff participated in the Freedom Park Swap Meet to disseminate information about the Guam System for Assistive Technology (GSAT) and Guam Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (GEHDI) Project. Public awareness activities are essential for the Guam System for Assistive Technology to communicate information on services provided by GSAT to promote change, inclusion, and build capacity. These activities aim to educate the public about assistive technology, increase access and acquisition of assistive technology (AT) devices and services. The CEDDERS Team demonstrated assistive technology devices for vision, hearing, learning, mobility, and leisure. The staff distributed over 300 GSAT and Guam Preschool Development Grant (PDG) Birth-Five bags containing GSAT, Akudi Loan, GEHDI, and Guam Developmental Disabilities Council (GDDC) brochures; informational brochures on Cytomegalovirus, iCanconnect flyers for combined vision & hearing loss, 311 flyers, pens, catalogs, and books for children 1-3 years old. 

Seated facing camera (L-R): Patricia Perez, A.T. Center Assistant, Yeon Sook Park, UOG Social Work Intern, and Tanya Simer, EHDI Hearing Screening Facilitator. Standing: Leah Abelon, CEDDERS Project Coordinator.