The Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council meets quarterly to obtain input and guidance as needs are addressed and activities are implemented. Comprised of a majority of individuals with disabilities and family members, with representation from disability-related service providers, the Council provides critical direction on key initiatives.

The Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council held ​its​ quarterly meeting​ on December 7. In addition to the regular agenda items, ​ ​discussions took place on ​potential goals, objectives, and activities for ​the ​Guam CEDDERS ​Core Work Plan for ​2018-2023. (Front row, L-R) Erlinda Tydingco; Josie Guerrero, Chairperson; Joyce Tejeresas, Vice Chairperson; baby Richard Flores; Julia Flores; Linda Rodriguez; Maria Bontogon; Carol Cabiles; Ben Servino; Barbara Johnson; and Marie Tedtaotao-Libria.