Project Minetgot and The Guam PDG B-5 Collaborate on Virtual Village Play Time 

The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected many aspects of life which has restricted large gatherings for the last two years. The Guam Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five (Guam PDG B-5) under the Department of Public Health & Social Services had planned to conduct Village Play Time events in 6 villages on island. Village Play Time is a collaboration across various early childhood programs which promotes the overall positive development of children by encouraging developmentally appropriate play activities between parents/caregivers and their children. In addition, one of the outcomes of the Project Minetgot Year 2 workplan is to produce informational videos on developmentally appropriate practices for young children. The main purpose of the videos is to promote positive interactions between parents/caregivers and their children through play. 

In December 2021, Project Minetgot, Guam PDG B-5, and other early childhood programs came together to discuss fulfilling the outcomes for both Village Play Time and the informational videos. Thus, the Virtual Village Play Time video series was created. 

The activities shown in the videos feature local families engaging in activities that stimulate all areas of a child’s development. Most importantly, the videos show parents/caregivers building positive social and emotional interactions, which is vital to a child’s healthy growth and development. These videos remind parents that play is how children learn and encourages parents/ caregivers to go out and play with their children in their natural settings. 

The videos are available for viewing on the Guam Early Learning Council’s social media pages @guamelc on Facebook and Instagram and the Guam CEDDERS website.