DPHSS Project Bisita I Familia Staff Attend Site Review Exit Conference

Project Bisita I Familia held an exit conference on May 26, to discuss the summary of findings from the federal on-site visit conducted by the Region IX Project Officer and representatives from The Bizzell Group, project consultants. Pictured (L-R): Diana Santos, DPHSS Social Worker; Jenika Ballesta, Guam CEDDERS Research Associate and Bisita, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)Coordinator; Vera Blaz; Guam CEDDERS Training Associate; Margarita Gay, DPHSS Bisita Project Director; JJ Mendiola, Guam CEDDERS Interoperability Data Manager; Maria Dixon, DPHSS Bisita Administrative Assistant; James Gillan, DPHSS Director; Audrey Topasna, DPHSS Bisita Program Coordinator; Relida Sumaylo, DPHSS Bisita Project Supervisor; Sherill Tinio, DPHSS Bisita Home Visitor; Ronda Waller, Programmatic Reviewer, Bizzell Group; Nahleen Heard, KRSA/MCHB Project Officer; George Dines, Fiscal Reviewer Bizzell Group.
Community Services: Training Project Bisita I Familia