EPICS Clinical Practicum in Guam DOE Schools to Start Soon

February 6, 2019: The Guam-based scholars in the Educating Pacific Island Clinicians in Speech Pathology (EPICS) San Jose State University graduate program in Speech Language Pathology will be starting their practicum in Guam Department of Education Schools by the third week of February. Natasha Dela Cruz, Principal at MU Lujan Elementary School in Yona, met with Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director and EPICS on site Liaison, to discuss the latest project updates in preparation for the start of practicum. Ms. Dela Cruz is shown here signing consent forms to be sent to and signed by parents to give permission to the scholars to work with their child under the supervision of the licensed speech pathologist assigned to the school.
February 6, 2019: (L-R): Amalia Badua, Guam DOE Speech Therapist assigned to Agana Heights Elementary School (AHES); Hannah Gutierrez, Principal, AHES; and Meagan Terlaje, AHES Teacher and EPICS Scholar are excited about the anticipated start of student practicum by the end of the month.
February 7, 2019: (L-R): Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director and EPICS Project On-Site Liaison, met with Nancy Diaz, Principal, P.C. Lujan Elementary School, to facilitate the beginning of student practicum for the EPICS scholars.
February 7, 2019: Evangeline Iglesias, Principal, Wettengel Elementary School, signs off on documents to facilitate the student practicum process for EPICS scholars.
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