GDOE Enhances Parent Coaching Practices

The Guam Department of Education (GDOE) in partnership with Guam CEDDERS supported training in parent coaching practices of the Parent-Early Start Denver Model (P-ESDM). The training provided support to Guam Early Intervention Systems (GEIS) providers in evidence-based, family-centered planning and coaching of naturalistic, developmental interactive strategies for accelerated learning in children with or at-risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for ages birth to three years old. Four virtual training workshops were held in the months of July through September. The training sessions were conducted by Dr. Laurie Vismara, a co-author of “An Early Start for Your Child with Autism”, a guide that provides doable, practical strategies for early intervention providers and families to use every day with their child with ASD. Dr. Vismara is also a researcher and licensed therapist who has spent her career working closely with families of children with ASD and contributing to the science and program development of the P-ESDM. The overarching goal of the training sessions was to provide GEIS service providers with the tools and strategies to support parents and families to help their child have enriched learning opportunities at home.

On July 23, a training was held with GEIS service providers on parent coaching practices for PESDM. Left column, top to bottom: Dr. Laurie Vismara, Consultant; Sherry Cruz, GEIS service provider, GDOE; Grace Loyola, GEIS service provider, GDOE; Elizabeth Blas, GEIS Speech and Language Pathologist, GDOE; Right column, top to bottom: June De Leon, Interim Director, Guam CEDDERS; Josephine Cruz, Associate Director, Guam CEDDERS; Rita Rose Hualde, GEIS service provider, GDOE; Elaine Eclavea, Early Childhood Consultant, Guam CEDDERS; Bottom row, center: Gagee Parsons, GEIS service provider, GDOE.