GDOE Holds Stakeholder Input Session on Significant Disproportionality

On May 1, the Guam Department of Education (GDOE) in collaboration with Guam CEDDERS held a virtual stakeholder input session on significant disproportionality with 14 GDOE personnel and members from the Guam Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities (GAPSD) and the Guam Developmental Disabilities Council. New regulations require states, inclusive of Guam, to use a standard methodology to determine if significant disproportionality based on race and ethnicity is occurring in the State and the local educational agency.  An important part of the reporting process is how the State included stakeholders in determining whether or not significant disproportionality exists.  There are three categories for significant disproportionality: identification, placement, and discipline.

On May 1, GDOE conducted a stakeholder input session on reporting significant disproportionality. From top to bottom: Cathy Tydingco, Part C Coordinator, GDOE; June De Leon, Interim Director, Guam CEDDERS; Terese Crisostomo, Special Projects Coordinator, GDOE; Dennis Bakker, Data Manger, GDOE; Yolanda Gabriel, Assistant Superintendent, Division of Special Education, GDOE; and Faye Local, parent, GAPSD.

Guam Department of Education