GDOE Supports Early Intervention Providers in the Implementation of P-ESDM

The Guam Department of Education (GDOE) and Guam CEDDERS continue their work with consultant, Dr. Laurie Vismara.  Dr. Vismara has continued to provide training to Guam Early Intervention System (GEIS) providers on the implementation of the Parent-based Early Start Denver Model (P-ESDM) framework.  P-ESDM is an approach which focuses on coaching parents and caregivers to develop their skills and strategies in using the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). The January and February sessions with Dr. Vismara focused on developing the coaching skills of GEIS providers in supporting parents in increasing their child’s communication. This process includes helping parents increase their use and understanding of children’s “talking bodies”. The training also included helping providers problem-solve their potential needs or barriers to support families increase their child’s communication.  Follow-up sessions were facilitated by on-island consultant Elaine Eclavea and Guam CEDDERS Josephine Cruz to support GEIS providers as they applied the P-ESDM strategies in their coaching practices.

On January 21, a P-ESDM follow-up session was conducted with GEIS providers.  Top row, L-R:  Sangi Susuico, GEIS, GDOE; Josephine Cruz, Associate Director, Guam CEDDERS; Grace Loyola, GEIS; Middle row, L-R:  Sherry Cruz, GEIS, GDOE; Rita-Rose Hualde, GEIS, GDOE; Gajee Parsons, GEIS, GDOE; Bottom row, L-R:  Elaine Eclavea, Guam CEDDERS consultant; Liz Blas, GEIS Speech and Language Pathologist.