GSAT Provides Resources to UOG School of Health

On February 5, Leah Abelon, GSAT Center Coordinator, provided several resources including the Pripara Hao Emergency Preparedness Guide for Persons with Disabilities, Behavioral Health and Disabilities Glossary in Chamoru, and Guam Directory of Services for Individuals with Disabilities to the University of Guam School of Health Team. Pictured above from (left-right): Leah Abelon, Guam CEDDERS, GSAT Coordinator; Janice Ada, UOG School of Health Education, Training Coordinator; Veronica B. Alave, MSN/ED, RN; and Margaret Hattori-Uchima, RN, PhD, Dean of the School of Health and Assistant Professor. Not pictured: Jaysleen Lainos and Clarissa Leon Guerrero, UOG Social Work practicum students
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