Guam Early Learning Council Convenes First Meeting

On September 4, the Guam Early Learning Council convened its first meeting under the new administration with Co-Chairperson Elaine Eclavea at the helm. New council members were provided with orientation in the development of the council and the timeline of early childhood initiatives on Guam. Early Childhood Program Administrators provided an overview of their respective programs as well as updates on services provided to families over the last eight months. Workgroup facilitators also reported on the status of the goals and activities for their focus areas as related to the Guam Early Childhood State Plan, which was last published in 2015. The next quarterly meeting will take place in December. Workgroup members spent the afternoon participating in the Karinu/Guam LAUNCH Early Childhood Evaluation Forum.

Members reviewed the progress of activities over the past year as well as data from the Wilder Survey used for Guam LAUNCH Evaluation reports and learned about the latest research in the Early Childhood field. Commitments on next steps and meeting dates were made to ensure that activities will continue.

On September 4, Guam Early Learning Council Workgroup Members posed for a photo at the end of the Karinu/Guam LAUNCH Early Childhood Evaluation Forum held at the Outrigger Guam Resort.
Elaine Eclavea (standing), Guam CEDDERS Early Childhood Consultant and Guam Early Learning Council Co-Chairperson, reviewed a new grant opportunity with council members.
Bonnie Brandt (standing), Guam CEDDERS Training Associate and Karinu/Guam LAUNCH Lead Evaluator, reviewed data from results of the Wilder Survey as workgroup participants looked on.
Members of the Guam Early Learning Council Family Engagement Workgroup
(FEW) showed their great collaborative skills as they erected a structure made from uncooked spaghetti noodles, rope, tape, and a marshmallow during the afternoon session. The FEW members built the tallest structure in the room at 20.25 inches.
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