PripÃ¥ra Hao Typhoon ImagePripåra hao is a Chamorro phrase which means “prepare yourself” or “get ready.” In addition to general emergency preparedness planning, individuals with disabilities have additional needs before, during, and after an emergency situation that have to be included in their personal plan to ensure safety and allow for speedy recovery back to normalcy. Individuals with disabilities who are self-sufficient in normal circumstances may need the help of others during an emergency situation. These needs include, but are not limited to, medical treatment and medication plans, use of and relocation of assistive devices in the event of evacuation, appropriate transportation plans, and care of service animals. The first step to making your plan is to assess or determine what you and your family are able to do. What can you handle without the help of others? What areas do you need help with? These may include: PripÃ¥ra Hao Image

  • sheltering options,
  • putting together adequate emergency supplies,
  • evacuation routes,
  • what to do during loss of power, water, and telephone service,
  • medical care,
  • ways of communicating,
  • transportation,
  • supervision of children and adults with medical, physical, or intellectual conditions,
  • availability of resources to maintain independence.

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Guam Homeland Security Logo For printed copies of the Emergency Preparedness Forms, or the Pripåra Hao Guidebook or Checklist, contact Guam CEDDERS at 735-2477. For more Emergency Preparedness Information call the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Civil Defense at 475-9600.