The CARE Project

Guam’s Positive Parents Together Inc. (GPPT) the non-profit parent driven organization responsible for facilitating the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Parent Support Group for Guam’s families with children identified with a hearing loss has had an exciting and busy September!

GPPT hit the ground running in September with a Deaf Awareness Proclamation signing at the Governor’s Conference Room on Monday, September 9, 2019.  Present at the signing was Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero, Senator Kelly Marsh (Taitano), Ann Marie Cruz, GPPT Board President, Mary-Therese, GPPT Board Vice President, Evelyn Claros, GPPT Board Treasurer, Trisha Suzuki, Parent Mentor, Margarita Gay, DPHSS Nursing Administrator, Kirsten Rosario, GCC ASL Instructor, Terrie Fejarang, retired Guam CEDDERS Associate Director, Marie Wusstig, Guam CEDDERS Training Associate along with numerous supporters present to witness the inaugural declaration of Deaf Awareness Month for the month of September.

As part of celebrating Deaf Awareness month , GPPT spearheaded activities to promote Deaf Awareness in the community with a WAVE at the Paseo Loop on Friday, September 13. Then on Sunday, September 15,  members of the community were invited to show their support by participating in first Deaf Awareness Outreach held at the Agana Shopping Center.  The group also organized a special Sunday Mass for members of the DHH Community and their families on September 22 at the Our Lady of Purification Church in Maina.  Family members and friends attended to celebrate September, Deaf Awareness Month.

GPPT also organized its first Deaf Awareness fundraising dinner.  The purpose for this event was to bring awareness to the community of the issues that DHH families and their children face.  Funds raised were identified to support DHH families with hearing aids and other necessities families may require such as adequate health and or educational resources for their DHH child.

GPPT continued to meet with Guam EHDI and The CARE Project of North Carolina, via Zoom to finalize plans for the first Guam CARE Project Family Retreat. In November, the collaborative efforts between Guam EHDI – Fitme Project , GPPT and The CARE Project from North Carolina, held its first Guam CARE Project Family Retreat on November 8 – 10, 2019.  Members from North Carolina’s CARE Project, under the direction of Johnnie Sexton, Executive Director of The CARE Project facilitated the three-day Family Retreat at the Lotte Hotel Guam.  Day one was an informal meeting with the families to meet with the volunteers, The CARE Project Team and Guam EHDI staff and allow for questions families may have regarding the retreat.  On day two, the team presenting included Pediatric Audiologist, John J. (JJ) Whicker, Director, Inspirational Speaker, Katie Whicker, Parent Mentors Bo and Jessica Peterson and their sons, Oscar and Magnus.  The families experienced a motivational seminar facilitated by Katie Whicker, a woman with Treacher Collins Syndrome and has grown up with a hearing loss.  Parents, engaged in a focus group facilitated by JJ Whicker, “The Emotional Journey” which allowed parents to share their stories related to their children’s birth and diagnosis of deafness and hearing loss. This focus group allowed for the parents to openly express their grief among a safe group of listeners who understood and had shared experiences. In the afternoon, two families volunteered to be recorded sharing their stories to provide The CARE Project footage to share as they conduct sensitivity training with hearing screeners and health care professionals.  The rest of the afternoon was spent with the main focus group split in two smaller groups (mothers and fathers) to further openly discuss their experiences and challenges in a more private and intimate setting with parent mentors Bo and Jessica Peterson.  Parents spent the final morning in two seminars led by JJ Whicker, “Understanding Your Child’s Hearing” and “Disability Law:  Knowing Your Rights and Advocating for Your Child”.  The group convened for one last photo before departing.

Parents, The CARE Project Team, Guam’s Positive Parents Together (GPPT) and Guam Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (Guam EHDI) staff at the Friday night Meet
and Greet. Seated are Jessica and Bo Peterson, The CARE Project Parent Mentors, Katie Whicker, inspirational speaker. Standing: JJ Whicker The CARE Project Facilitator.
JJ Whicker, Pediatric Audiologist and volunteer with The CARE Project Family Retreat Team provided families with an overview of “How to Understand Your Child’s Hearing Loss.
A volunteer from the Academy of Our Lady of Guam (AOLG) Interact Group play with children at the Family Retreat.
Volunteers from the Academy of Our Lady of Guam (AOLG) Interact Group assist with caring for the youngest son of the Model Parent Mentors who facilitated theEmotional Journey component of The Guam CARE Project Family Retreat.
Children of parents attending The Guam CARE Project Family Retreat are pictured with a volunteer from the Academy of Our Lady of Guam (AOLG) Interact Group.
Dangkulu na si yu’us ma’ ase to the families, who participated in the three day retreat, The CARE Project Team, volunteers from GCC’s ASL classes, AOLG Interact Group, and DOE‘s Middle and Elementary School Teachers along with GPPT and Guam EHDI/CEDDERS for making the event a success for the parents and children!
Guam Early Hearing Detection & Intervention