CNMI Part C Providers Receive Early Childhood Coaching Certification

Guam CEDDERS facilitated technical assistance for CNMI Part C Providers to receive evidence-based Early Childhood Coaching certification through collaboration with CNMI Part C and Hawaii Part C programs. Guam CEDDERS and CNMI Part C providers participated in three webinars, onsite training in Hawaii, and six months of peer-to-peer coaching and mentoring with Dr. M’lssa Sheldon and Dathan Rush. The participants received certification in September 2017. The certification ensures that early childhood coaching is practiced with fidelity. Pictured (L-R): Peter Mendiola, CNMI Part C Special Instruction Teacher; Elaine Eclavea, Guam CEDDERS CNMI Part C Consultant; Robin Palacios, CNMI Part C Director; and Jonisa Sanchez, CNMI Part C Special Instruction Teacher.
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