EHDI Conference Provides Valuable Resources

In early March, a team of four embarked on flights from Guam to Kansas City, Missouri to attend the 2020 Annual Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Conference. The Guam Team consisted of Guam EHDI staff and a parent from Guam’s Positive Parents Together, Inc., the non-profit organization which provides Parent-to-Parent Support for families with children identified with a hearing loss. The Annual EHDI Conference gives participants the opportunity to learn new and relevant information related to EHDI, network with other professionals in the EHDI system, and participate in face to face meetings with each EHDI’s Project Manager and Quality Improvement Technical Assistance provider.

The four-day conference began with the Islands/Outlying Territories Meeting held on March 7. Representatives from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), Palau, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam presented on their respective program successes for the grant year. Tony Ronco, a parent with California Hands & Voices facilitated a discussion on website development in preparation for the new EHDI grant year. Also present at the meeting were Leticia Manning representing HRSA; Marcus Gaffney representing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); and Karl White, and Alyson Ward representing National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM).

Over the next three days, the Guam EHDI Team planned their schedules to attend plenary and topical sessions that would assist the Guam EHDI Project in meeting its goals and objectives. While at the Conference, the team met with Bethany Applebaum, HRSA Project Manager for Guam EHDI, and Alyson Ward, Quality Improvement Director at NCHAM, to discuss the progress of the Guam EHDI Project and to provide guidance on how to address data concerns for new grant objectives in light of the loss of CDC funding for territories not meeting the minimum birth rate requirements for continued grant funding.

On March 9, the Guam Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (Guam EHDI) Team break posed for a photo after attending the Opening Plenary Session of the Annual EHDI Conference held in Kansas City Missouri. Pictured (Left to Right): Ann Marie Cruz, Board President, Guam’s Positive Parents Together, Inc. (GPPT); with Guam CEDDERS Michelle Aguigui, Associate Director; Marie Wusstig, Training Associate; and Joseph Mendiola, Interoperability Data Manager.
On March 10, the Guam EHDI Team met with JJ Whicker, an audiologist at Primary Children’s Hospital during the Annual EHDI Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Whicker volunteered his time and expertise as an audiologist for The CARE Project of North Carolina as the lead facilitator for the CARE Team that came to Guam in November 2019 to facilitate the Guam CARE Project Family Retreat. Pictured Front Row, (Left to Right): Ann Marie Cruz, Board President, GPPT, Marie Wusstig, Training Associate, Guam CEDDERS. Back Row, Left to Right: JJ Whicker, AuD. and Joseph Mendiola, Interoperability Data Manager, Guam CEDDERS .
On March 9, the Guam EHDI team met with the HRSA EHDI Project Manager in Kansas City, Missouri to discuss progress of the Guam EHDI project. Pictured (left-right) Michelle Aguigui, Associate Director, Guam CEDDERS, JJ Mendiola, Interoperability Data Manager, Guam CEDDERS, Bethany Applebaum, HRSA Project Manager, and Marie Wusstig, Training Associate, Guam CEDDERS.
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