EPICS Scholars Earn Practicum Hours

The EPICS Project is a personnel preparation project funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, and awarded to San José State University (SJSU) in collaboration with Guam CEDDERS. EPICS Scholars are currently focusing on earning practicum hours at various placement sites including the Guam Department of Education’s Extended School Year Program, Guam Regional Medical City, and Guam Memorial Hospital.  A group of nine scholars from Guam are currently completing an externship at various placement sites in the San José State University (SJSU) area.  The seven remaining scholars from Guam are also working on earning hours while on island this summer. 
July 8, 2019: (L-R) Kathy Ruszala, a scholar from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) who is in the Educating Pacific Island Clinicians in Speech Pathology (EPICS) Project and Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS EPICS Consultant, met to discuss Kathy’s progress in her practicum experience.
July 8, 2019: (L-R): Ignacio dela Cruz, Tricia Taitano, and Kathy Ruszala, CNMI Scholars are currently in Guam in practicum placements at in the Summer Extended School Year Program at Guam Department of Education. They are also earning practicum hours at Guam Regional Medical Center and Guam Memorial Hospital.
EPICS Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation