Palau Updates State-Wide Assessment Guidelines

Guam CEDDERS Training Associate, Josephine Cruz, and Guam CEDDERS consultant June Quitugua, provided on-site working sessions with the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Palau centered on updating the guidelines for the use of state-wide and alternate assessments with students with disabilities.  The sessions were held from July 10-12 at the Special Education office in Koror, Palau. Twenty-four participants comprised of Special Education teachers, General Education teachers, principals, curriculum specialists, as well as the MOE’s Chief of the Division of Research & Evaluation, Wilhelm Rechelluul, attended the 3-day sessions.

Front L-R: Tsungiko Renguul, Special Education teacher; Jocelyn Maldangesang, Special Education Specialist; Hilda Kenzio, English Specialist; Larry Rdiall, Special Education teacher; Sarah Rubario, Special Education teacher; Yvonne Ruluked, General Education teacher; Cheryl Adachi, General Education teacher; Mayleen Ngiriou, Principal, Koror Elementary School (KES); Middle L-R: Wilhelm Rechelluul, Chief, Division of Reseach & Evaluation; Nora Renguul, Special Education Coordinator; Josephine Cruz, Guam CEDDERS Training Associate; Gwendolyn Rengiil, Special Education Specialist; Bruce Melairei, General Education teacher; Lyliza Madris, Assessment Specialist Back L-R: Wicliff Emul, Principal, GBH; Lucia Tebelual, Principal, MES; Symth Rdang, Principal, PHS; Atanacia Ubedei, KES Special Education teacher; Hadson Ngirakesau, General Education teacher; Clarinda Worswick, General Education Teacher; Hadleen Medalarak, Math Specialist. Not pictured: June Quitugua,Guam CEDDERS consultant.
Participants are hard at work reading an article. Seated, front L-R: Symth Rdang, Principal-Palau High School (PHS); Jocelyn Maldangesang, Special Education Specialist; Seated, back L-R: Hadson Ngirakesau, PHS General Education teacher; Wicliff Emul, Principal, George B. Harris Elementary School (GBH), and Virginia Kuterbis, GBH Special Education teacher.
Participants in training from L-R: Gwendolyn Rengiil, Special Education Specialist; Clarinda Worswick, GBH General Education Teacher; Tsungkiko Renguul, Meyuns Elementary School (MES) Special Education teacher; and Nora Renguul, Special Education Coordinator.
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