Guam CEDDERS Facilitated Training on “Learn the Signs. Act Early.”

On Nov. 11, Elaine Eclavea, Guam CEDDERS Consultant (not pictured), and Jenika Ballesta, Guam CEDDERS Research Associate (center), facilitated training on “Learn the Signs. Act Early,” for Family Day Care Home Providers. The “Learn the Signs. Act Early” Program aims to improve early identification of autism and other developmental disabilities in children to enable families to access needed services and supports. Pictured (L-R): Cassandra Gutierrez and Lehualanu Kahete, Reach for the Stars Learning Center; Jenika Ballesta, Guam CEDDERS Research Associate; and Cecilia Guerrero, Humiko Tostiw​o, and Marie Lynn Iriarte, Tan Victoria’s Chamoru Day Care.
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