Guest Speakers Share Experiences with Social Work Class

On February 28, the Social Work class of Terrie Fejarang and Michelle Aguigui were honored to have Tashia Hanley (standing), as a guest speaker. Ms. Hanley, an individual who is deaf, shared her life growing up in Oregon and her experiences when she moved to Guam.
On February 21, the Social Work class of Ms. Terrie Fejarang and Michelle Aguigui was fortunate to have Ms. Myra Aguon, a passionate advocate for individuals with disabilities, present her various experiences as an individual who is deaf and how people can communicate with community members who are deaf and hard of hearing.
On March 06, Alina Butler (standing), a student majoring in Social Work, shared her very emotional journey in growing up with a disability, dealing with self-esteem issues, and how she was able to overcome these challenges.
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