Guam ELG Birth to 36 Months Workgroup Continues

Early Childhood Information Dissemination
Five indivduals seated around a conference table.
The Guam Early Learning Guidelines Workgroup met again on August 13 to continue the review of section drafts. Attending the meeting were (Clockwise from Left): Mara San Nicolas, Social Services Supervisor, Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) Child Protective Services; Linda Rodriquez, Administrator, DPHSS, Bureau of Social Services Administration; Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director; Mary Kidd, Guam ELG Consultant; and Ramon Castro, Guam Early Intervention System (GEIS) Service Provider.

Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Stakeholders Meet with Guam EHDI Staff on Quality Improvement Strategies

Community Services: Technical Assistance Early Childhood Guam Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Guam Early Intervention System
Seven individuals seated around conference table
Members of the Initial Screening Quality Improvement team meet to discuss effective strategies to improve Guam EHDI AIMS. Seated clockwise from (L-R): starting from bottom: Alyson Ward, National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM); Valerie Meno, Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (GMHA); Ruth Sabangan, GMHA; Avelina Opena, GMHA; Terrie Fejarang, Guam EHDI; Elaine Eclavea, Guam EHDI; and Joseph Mendiola, Guam EHDI.

Guam EHDI Project Stakeholders Meet to Address Quality Improvement Needs

Community Services: Technical Assistance Early Childhood Guam Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Guam Early Intervention System
A crowded banquet room listens attentively to speaker.
Alyson Ward, Quality Improvement Advisor from the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM), provided technical assistance on strategies for effective Quality Improvement activities for EHDI programs on August 10-12. Staff from the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, Guam Regional Medical City, Guam Early Intervention Program, and the DOE Audiology Department joined the Guam EHDI Project for this quality improvement effort.

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EPICS Recruitment Goes to American Samoa

EPICS Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation

Guam CEDDERS Staff met with staff from the American Samoa Department of Education to share information on recruitment for the upcoming EPICS Program.  Applications relating to EPICS, which stands for “Educating Pacific Island Clinicians in Speech Language Pathology” are due on August 31.  For more information, please contact Terrie Fejarang at

Pacific VIP Scholars Complete Final Activities

Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation Pacific VIP Vision Impairment

EPICS Program Shares Recruitment Information

Developmental Disabilities EPICS Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation
Two individuals seated facing each other.
Dr. Gloria Weddington, Project EPICS San Jose State University Guam Liaison, met with Frank Hariuchi, Special Education Coordinator, Ministry of Education, Republic of the Marshall Islands, on July 30 after the OSEP Leadership Conference. Dr. Weddington was providing information on EPICS, which stands for “Educating Pacific Islander Clinicians in Speech Language Pathology” slated to start in September 2015.

Pacific VIP Reps Meet with Agencies During Chuuk Site Visit

Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation Pacific VIP Vision Impairment
Eight individuals seated around table.
A meeting was held on August 19, attended by representatives of Chuuk State Special Education and Chuuk Department of Public Health, to discuss collaborative activities related to vision impairments in Chuuk. Attending the meeting were (Clockwise starting at bottom left) : Ansina Kony, Special Education Coordinator; Donna McNear, UMASS-Boston Vision Instruction Project Adjunct Faculty; Callie Brusegaard (partially hidden), UMASS Boston doctoral student; Cathy Mori, Chuuk Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Project Coordinator; Chelsea Mori, VIP Scholar and Chuuk State VI Instructor; Awreen Paul, Department of Public Health; Dr. Anamarie Yomai, Public Health Physician; and Jason Reiong, VIP Scholar and Chuuk High School Principal. Not shown: Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director.

Pohnpei Teachers Receive Information About the EPICS Project

Continuing Education Disability Studies EPICS Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation
Six individuals posing for photo.
Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director, was recently in Pohnpei to share information on the EPICS Project. EPICS, which stands for “Educating Pacific Island Clinicians in Speech-Language Pathology,” is currently in the recruitment of scholars phase. Attending the meeting on August 21 were (L-R): Joysleen Daniel, Pohnpei Special Education Staff and graduate of Project Fo’na; Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS; Maureen Villagomez, Special Education Teacher; Maiulynn Gallen, Special Education Teacher; Roddy Roberts, Vision Instruction Teacher; and Carlina Henry, Special Education Coordinator.

Pohnpei State Vision Instruction Program Receives Donated Braille Books

Early Childhood Information Dissemination Pacific VIP Vision Impairment
Four individuals standing holding braille children's books.
The Pohnpei State Department of Education, Special Education Program, received a contribution of braille books for young children through the donation of Sheila Amato and her volunteers from West Virginia. This donation was made through the networking contact of Donna McNear, Pacific Vision Instruction Project (Pacific VIP) Consultant and UMASS-Boston adjunct instructor. Pictured receiving the books on August 21, are: (L-R) Roddy Robert, Vision Instruction Teacher; Karlina Henry, Special Education Coordinator; Joseph Villazon, Director of Education; and Johnatan Zared, Pakein Elementary School Principal. Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director, delivered the books during her Pacific VIP site visit to Pohnpei.

Guam CEDDERS Posters Go On Display at the 25th Anniversary of the ADA Festival

Developmental Disabilities Information Dissemination Self-Advocacy
Four individuals standing holding posters.
Resources materials developed by Guam CEDDERS and funded by CEDDERS’ AIDD Core Grant were put on display at the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act Festival held at the Smithsonian Museum of American History on July 24-26. Copies of the posters, featuring advocates on Guam, are also being given to AIDD for display at the AIDD offices in Washington, DC. Celebrating the ADA. Receiving the posters are: (left to right) Shakia Baskerville, MPH, Presidential Management Fellow, Office of External Affairs, Administration for Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Shia Byers, Summer Intern, American Association for People with Disabilities (AAPD), Andrew Morris, MPH, Policy Analyst, Office of the Commissioner, Administration on Disabilities, Administration for Community Living, US Department of Health & Human Services