Pacific VIP Reps Meet with Agencies During Chuuk Site Visit

Eight individuals seated around table.
A meeting was held on August 19, attended by representatives of Chuuk State Special Education and Chuuk Department of Public Health, to discuss collaborative activities related to vision impairments in Chuuk. Attending the meeting were (Clockwise starting at bottom left) : Ansina Kony, Special Education Coordinator; Donna McNear, UMASS-Boston Vision Instruction Project Adjunct Faculty; Callie Brusegaard (partially hidden), UMASS Boston doctoral student; Cathy Mori, Chuuk Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Project Coordinator; Chelsea Mori, VIP Scholar and Chuuk State VI Instructor; Awreen Paul, Department of Public Health; Dr. Anamarie Yomai, Public Health Physician; and Jason Reiong, VIP Scholar and Chuuk High School Principal. Not shown: Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director.
Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation Pacific VIP Vision Impairment