DOE Vision Instruction Program Staff Participate in Webinar Session

Guam Department of Education Guam Early Intervention System Vision Impairment

November 16, 2018: Donna McNear, Consultant for the Guam Department of Education, Division of Special Education, Vision Instruction Program (on screen) facilitated another webinar in a series focused on providing supports to students with visual impairment. Attending this session were (L-R): Pat Mantanona, Program Coordinator for the Guam Early Intervention Program; Diane Artero, Vision Instruction Program (VIP) Teacher; Darlene Taimanglo VIP Teacher; and Tricia Taitague, Part B VI Program Coordinator.

Visual Impairment Supports Webinar Held August 28

Community Services: Technical Assistance Guam Department of Education Vision Impairment
Guam CEDDERS facilitated a webinar on August 28 conducted by Donna McNear, M.Ed., Vision Impairment (VI) Consultant, for Guam Department of Education, Division of Special Education VI Program personnel. Attending the two-hour webinar were (L-R): Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS; Donna McNear (on screen); Darlene Taimanglo, Part B & C VI Technical Assistance (TA) Provider; Diane Artero, Part B VI TA Provider; and Tricia Taitague, VI Program Coordinator.

Webinar Held with GDOE VI Staff

Community Services: Technical Assistance Community Services: Training Vision Impairment
Group seated at conference table.
Guam CEDDERS facilitated a webinar presented by Donna McNear, Vision Instruction Consultant (shown on screen) for the Guam Department of Education, Division of Special Education’s Vision Instruction (VI) Program. Topics discussed included the implementation of Unified English Braille (UEB) and assistive technology for students who are blind. Also discussed was Donna’s upcoming on-site visit in January 2016. Attending the webinar were (starting left, clockwise) Paula Ulloa, VI School Program Consultant; Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS; Darlene Taimanglo, VI teacher; Diane Artero, VI Teacher; and Judy Quinata, Braille transcriber. This activity was supported through a contract between Guam CEDDERS and the Guam DOE, Division of Special Education.

AT Demo Conducted

Community Services: Demonstration Services Guam Systems for Assistive Technology Information Dissemination Pacific VIP Self-Advocacy Vision Impairment
Three individuals seated around conference table with AT device on table.
Carla Torres (left), GSAT Program Coordinator, and Roy Rosario (far right), GSAT Advisory Council member, provided Maria Pineda (center) a demonstration of the Eye-Pal ROL portable scanner and reader. Roy shared his positive experiences with the Eye-Pal ROL and the various ways he uses it to access printed materials and maintain independence in his life.

Pacific VIP Scholars Complete Final Activities

Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation Pacific VIP Vision Impairment

Pacific VIP Reps Meet with Agencies During Chuuk Site Visit

Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation Pacific VIP Vision Impairment
Eight individuals seated around table.
A meeting was held on August 19, attended by representatives of Chuuk State Special Education and Chuuk Department of Public Health, to discuss collaborative activities related to vision impairments in Chuuk. Attending the meeting were (Clockwise starting at bottom left) : Ansina Kony, Special Education Coordinator; Donna McNear, UMASS-Boston Vision Instruction Project Adjunct Faculty; Callie Brusegaard (partially hidden), UMASS Boston doctoral student; Cathy Mori, Chuuk Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Project Coordinator; Chelsea Mori, VIP Scholar and Chuuk State VI Instructor; Awreen Paul, Department of Public Health; Dr. Anamarie Yomai, Public Health Physician; and Jason Reiong, VIP Scholar and Chuuk High School Principal. Not shown: Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director.

Pohnpei State Vision Instruction Program Receives Donated Braille Books

Early Childhood Information Dissemination Pacific VIP Vision Impairment
Four individuals standing holding braille children's books.
The Pohnpei State Department of Education, Special Education Program, received a contribution of braille books for young children through the donation of Sheila Amato and her volunteers from West Virginia. This donation was made through the networking contact of Donna McNear, Pacific Vision Instruction Project (Pacific VIP) Consultant and UMASS-Boston adjunct instructor. Pictured receiving the books on August 21, are: (L-R) Roddy Robert, Vision Instruction Teacher; Karlina Henry, Special Education Coordinator; Joseph Villazon, Director of Education; and Johnatan Zared, Pakein Elementary School Principal. Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director, delivered the books during her Pacific VIP site visit to Pohnpei.

Pacific VIP Scholars Complete Final Practicum Observation

Pacific VIP Vision Impairment