Guam CEDDERS Holds Professional Development

CEDDERS CORE Continuing Education Developmental Disabilities Disability Studies Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council
On December 6, June De Leon, Guam CEDDERS Interim Director, reviewed the Guam CEDDERS goals and objectives during the Professional Development.
On December 6, Michelle Aguigui, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director, provided the instruction to staff on an activity related to the Guam CEDDERS Work Plan.
On December 6, Guam CEDDERS staff worked in groups to review the Guam CEDDERS work plan activities during the Professional Development. Left photo (pictured left to
right): Joseph Mendiola, Interoperability Data Manager; Vera Blaz, Training Associate; and Nancy Cueto, Fiscal Manager.

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Guam CEDDERS staff pose for a picture during the December 2019 Guam CEDDERS Professional Development.

Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council Meet to Discuss CORE Work Plan for 2018-2023

CEDDERS CORE Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council
The Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council held ​its​ quarterly meeting​ on December 7. In addition to the regular agenda items, ​ ​discussions took place on ​potential goals, objectives, and activities for ​the ​Guam CEDDERS ​Core Work Plan for ​2018-2023. (Front row, L-R) Erlinda Tydingco; Josie Guerrero, Chairperson; Joyce Tejeresas, Vice Chairperson; baby Richard Flores; Julia Flores; Linda Rodriguez; Maria Bontogon; Carol Cabiles; Ben Servino; Barbara Johnson; and Marie Tedtaotao-Libria.

Guam CEDDERS and GSAT Advisory Council Member Speaks to Social Work Students

Community Services: Training Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council
Barbara Johnson, a member of the Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council and the GSAT Advisory Council, was a guest speaker in Terrie Fejarang’s SW 400: Fields of Social Work Practice class on October 6, 2017. Ms. Johnson spoke about her experiences as a person who is deaf and offered tips to the budding social workers on how to communicate with people who are deaf. Shown in Front Row (L-R): Destiny Estrellado, Tasi Anghet Martinez, Barbara Johnson, Serene Pecha, Joyce Borja, Alisia Barcinas, and Mariecar Patino. Back Row: Mike Acosta, LeoneaPeter, Joe Taijeron, Julio Gomez, Micheal Petitte, Ryan Manglona, Onania Sniverly, and Adrian Davis.
Joyce Borja, (right) engages in one on one conversation with Barbara Johnson (left), guest speaker, on October 6.

Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council Quarterly Meeting

CEDDERS CORE Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council
The Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council held its first quarterly meeting for this new fiscal year on September 8. During this meeting, Mrs. Josephine Guerrero was elected as Chairperson and Joyce Tejeras was elected Vice Chairperson. Council members also had opportunity to review and provide input on the Core Work Plan Updates and the latest draft of a 10-minute video production which shares the accomplishments of Clinton Mesa, an individual with autism. (Seated left, clockwise) Heidi San Nicolas, Ph.D., Guam CEDDERS Director; Marcellene Santos, Public Guardian; Maria Bontogon, Self-Advocate; Ben Servino, Director, Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities (DISID); Barbara Johnson, Self-Advocate; Joe Taijeron, and Tanya Simer (sitting at back), University of Guam Social Work Practicum Students; Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director; Josephine Guerrero, Chairperson, Parent; Evangelis Babauta (standing), American Sign Language Interpreter; Kirsten Rosario, American Sign Language Interpreter; Lee Perez, Self-Advocate; Sally Sablan, University of Guam, ADA Support Services; Joseph Gumataotao, UOG Director, EEO and Title IX/ADA Coordinator; Ray Sayas, Program Coordinator, Guam Developmental Disabilities Council; and Linda Rodriguez, representing the Department of Public Health & Social Services.

Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council Quarterly Meeting

Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council
Individuals sitting at a long table.
Guam CEDDERS Advisory Council held its quarterly meeting on December 18 at the Lotte Hotel, Guam. Attending the meeting from left to right were Heidi San Nicolas, Guam CEDDERS Director; Lynn Tydingco, Chairperson; Jef Limtiaco (partially hidden), Guam CEDDERS; Maria Bontogon, Self-Advocate; Linda Rodriguez, Department of Public Health & Social Services; Rosanne Ada, Guam Developmental Disabilities Council (GDDC) Director; Carol Cabiles, Guam Legal Services Disability Law Center; Josie Guerrero (partially hidden), Parent; and Yolanda Gabriel, Assistant Superintendent, Special Education. Pictured in the background is June De Leon, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director. In attendance but not shown: Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director, and Keith Villaluna, Guam CEDDERS Data Coordinator.